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2020 Think Now Election Report

Think Now Research | 2020


Wilkinson Barker Knauer | 2020
Questions and Answers on the FCC Rules and Policies for Candidate & Issue Advertising


Articles of Interest

Radio’s Political Advertising ‘Superpower’ Is Reaching Light TV Viewers.

Inside Radio | Oct 26, 2020

Democrats Use Radio to Target Texas Lations

Radio Ink | Oct 13, 2020

Ad Age: There’s A Pile Of Cash Flowing Into Ballot Initiatives.

Inside Radio | Oct 14, 2020

Political CTV Ads More Trusted than Those on Social Media

eMarketer | Sep 14, 2020

Radio Reaches the Swing Voter

RAB | Sept 8, 2020

Political Media Buying 2020: How Has the Coronavirus Impacted Strategies June 2020

RAB | June 2, 2020

Will COVID-19 Drive Hispanics to the Polls

Think Now | May 27, 2020

Political ads expected to explode, even as economy tanks

Political | May 15, 2020

The Coronavirus Cant Tame Local Media's Sleeping Giant of 2020: Political Advertising

Inside Radio | May 19, 2020

Listen to GMP’s own Roger Rafson’s comments on political spending in Georgia’s U.S. Senate runoffs.


Ask the FCC

Stations are encouraged to contact the Political Programming Office at the Media Bureau of the FCC with any questions about candidate and Issue/PAC advertising.

Contact Bobby Baker directly at 202-418-1417 and by mobile phone almost any time, including weekends, at 202-253-8419. Email may be sent to Robert.baker@fcc.gov.

Users Opting Out Of Political Ads Will Reduce Facebook’s Reach

Inside Radio | June 18, 2020

Historic Facebook campaign will boost voter registration, turnout and voices

USA Today | June 16, 2020


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