What We Do

At Gen Media Partners, our experienced, nationwide sales force and unique cross-selling strategy is increasing revenue opportunities from existing and new advertisers. Our sales team has strong relationships with clients and at major and regional agencies, and our revenue-based compensation structure rewards results!

Radio-centric campaigns that incorporate TV, digital, malls, local sports, events, and more deliver solutions that drive advertising dollars. In addition, our multi-platform partnerships provide our radio clients with access to valuable inventory that can be used in local sales packages or in support of station marketing.

Join our growing client list and experience the benefits of the Gen Media Partners’ approach! Contact us today for more information about what we can do for you!

Nationwide Salesforce

The below map is an overview of the experience Gen Media Partners brings to your stations. To contact the team members in your region please click here.

Research & Marketing

Our Director of Research works with our sales team to identify advertiser growth categories, strategize station and market positioning, and develop winning sales presentations, one-sheets, new business pitches, and more.

Our resources include a variety of Qualitative & Quantitative research through our subscriptions with Nielsen, Scarborough, and Media Audit, plus valuable data on counties and from sources such as the Census, Geoscape, Pew Research Center, and several others.

Contact Anny Mansfield at (212) 400-7430 x104 or email her here with any research or marketing needs.

Station Tools & Resources

At Gen Media Partners we are dedicated to delivering success to our broadcasting station partners with a wide range of tools and resources.

  • Our Rapid Rate System allows greater efficiency in avails and better tracking of pending business.
  • The Avail Alert System is an internal communications system that notifies our cross-media sales team of revenue-generating opportunities.
  • Media Management System is a proprietary, web-based resource center that allows every member of our team access to sales and marketing materials from anywhere.
  • A dedicated team at Media Financial Services to handle collections, unwired billing and all back-office support.

Developing Campaigns that Drive Revenue for Client Broadcasters and Maximize ROI for Advertisers & Agencies