National Radio Representation

Gen Media Partners is the largest independent National Radio advertising sales representation firm in the U.S.

Built on the combined resources of McGavren Guild Media, Local Focus Radio, Regional Reps and Tacher Radio Reps

Exclusive representation of more than 1,950 stations in 270 markets

More than 6,700 stations in small and rural markets

98% coverage of the total U.S. population

Full range of programming from Country and Rock to News and Sports

50+ Sales Executives in every major advertising hub across the country

18 offices covering every region, giving you immediate access to someone in your time zone


Unmeasured Market

Gen Media Partners is your unmeasured market radio resource:

Whether you call it small market, unmeasured, or rural radio, Gen Media Partners is the easiest and most efficient way to work with non-represented radio stations outside of metro areas. We offer resources and tools that no other company can provide.

Experts in Unmeasured Radio: We take out the guesswork and do all the legwork

One point of contact for access to more than 6,700 stations

Hyper-Targeting: By county or zip code A free resource to help you find the national rep for every radio station in the U.S.

Rapid Rate: Proprietary, fast, accurate

Advanced Technology: Electronic buying & invoicing

Simply said, we are here to make your job easier. . . Let’s talk!



We are experts in Hispanic marketing – We represent some of the nations’ leading Hispanic broadcasters, reaching over 77% of the fastest growing consumer segment group in both established and emerging Hispanic markets.

Offers Advertisers Access to 94% of the U.S. Hispanic households across over 220 stations in 85 markets including strong coverage in the Top 10 markets (LA, NY, Miami, SF, Houston & Dallas)


Exclusive Programming in Sports, Entertainment, Music, News and more

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Target specific consumer segments within the Hispanic community


World class news services, compelling sports, entertainment, music & more

Customized programming segments to better target a client’s needs

GLR content is aired on over 200 Nationally Affiliated Stations with over 94% total US Hispanic coverage in 24 of 25 top Hispanic Markets


Political & ISSUE

Our Political Platform represents thousands of voters in markets large, medium, and small. 

Our Political Platform represents thousands of voters in markets large, medium, and small. Our simplified process is fully turnkey to get your campaign up and running quickly and easily. a free, accurate, and dedicated resource

Simplified Billing – One check, one reconciled invoice

Expert insight on radio formats that engage specific voter groups

Free daily Competitive Spending Report – to help your campaigns respond effectively



GMP’s Audio Networks offers advertisers access to:

Compelling content to engage and inspire listeners

Diverse Programming & a transparent buying process

Exclusive interactive content reaching over 250 million listeners each week


MG Malls provides a single point of contact for mall media advertising in 2,900 shopping centers across the country, including premier locations in top markets.

MG Malls has the ability to act as an agency to facilitate the planning, buying, and posting of media across varying malls and developers nationwide – all with one contract and one point of contact.

MG OOH integrates a network of Specific Place Based, Dynamic Media with Standard OOH along with a single point of access and a simple process for pricing and sales


GMP Digital powered by Winstar brings a diverse menu of digital inventory and offers access to billions of location enabled impressions and extensive data integrations. Our platform solutions are uniquely engineered to deliver the most challenging targeting requirements all with one point of contact.


Agency Tools & Resources

At Gen Media Partners our priority is making your job easier. We operate as an extension of your agency with the support that helps you achieve your campaign’s goals efficiently.


Experienced team at Media Financial Services to handle all back-office support.

UNWIRED NETWORK BILLING – Collection & reconciliation of station affidavits and single-source bill to agency

MONTHLY RECEIVABLES STATEMENTS & PAYMENT PROCESS – Agency sends single check to MFS for distribution to multiple stations. Saves agency time and money.

ELECTRONIC INVOICING – Can facilitate electronic transfer of invoice/billing information, reducing human errors and saving time.



GMP’s proprietary and innovative way to help you place buys more efficiently. We quickly enter the specs of your buy and the system immediately distributes the information to the stations that meet your campaign’s goals.


We offer a variety of Qualitative & Quantitative Research Tools through our subscriptions with Nielsen , Scarborough and Media Audit. We also provide additional resources such as County by County, the Census, Geoscape, Pew Research Center and several others

Developing Campaigns that Drive Revenue for Client Broadcasters and Maximize ROI for Advertisers & Agencies


An End-to-End Solutions Provider for Broadcasters, Agencies & Advertisers, Content Producers, Service Providers and Media Partners

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